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Southern Trout Eaters, BigBait fishing in the South and MidWest:  Exposed! Click to purchase from Tackle Warehouse.

The Southern Trout Eaters DVD is our first film, and something we are intensely proud of producing.  We spent the Fall of 2009 thru the Fall of 2010 compiling the footage for this film.  At 2 hours and 40 minutes, the film is anything but short on content.   We show anglers how we are hunting and catching trophy bass with the Huddleston Deluxe, MS Slammer, Triple Trout, Nezumaa Rat, and Big Hammer swimbaits.   The film primarily focuses on the trout fed lakes in the Appalachian Mountains of Georgia and the Carolinas.   We take the viewers to Arkansas, and share our first attempts at bigbait fishing in the Ozarks too.

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No one has ever produced a swimbait film outside of California, and just delivering the final product was a huge achievement in our mind.  We like to think we are contributing to real fishing discussion and technique and backing it up with footage.  We included interviews from the guys who make the baits that catch the big ones (Ken Huddleston and Scott Whitmer, both interviewed in the film), and provide full disclosure on things that took us years to learn.

The film is a total low budget, standard definition production.  It is the content that makes this film special.   No one will give us an Academy Award for cinematography or acting, but then again, no one will be asking for a refund because they ‘already knew’ everything we covered and shared in the film.   We choose bluegrass and country rock music for the film, one of those calculated risks where you know some folks are going to balk at banjos and mandolins, but this film was set in Appalachia and the Ozarks, not in NYC or some urban setting.   We don’t believe bass fishing, even catching double digit fish on bigbaits, is extreme or warrants any sort of phony fabricated high energy Hollywood style production.  Tournament fishing, at the Elite and Tour Levels is exciting and warrants bells and whistles. Guys are fishing for $125-600K most of the time, not including possible endorsement deals, and I can tell you (changing tenses on you) how difficult it is to get to that level and keep yourself there for but a moment, so absolutely, that is exciting stuff.    Southern Trout Eaters is about catching big fish.  Not about winning money, so it’s a completely different ethos and mindset than tournament fishing, and in turn, a different style of video production.

Jeremy Pratt, Party of Three, Southern Trout Eaters. Our hair isn’t always combed, our pants aren’t always pressed, and we probably are a little ‘out there’ for some, but we’d prefer to keep the conversation to hunting big fish with big baits. The other stuff doesn’t matter. It’s about the fishing.

Film Reviews:

The Fishstrong Southern Trout Eaters DVD Review

Click the Fishstrong Image to Read their review.

Check out the above review of Southern Trout Eaters from FishStrong, and notice how they ‘welcomed’ the things we did different, coining the phrase, “The Swimbait Fishing DVD that Breaks All the Rules”.  Thank you Hale White at FishStrong, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

And here is nice write up on Southern Trout Eaters from the March 2012, FLW Outdoors Bass Fishing Magazine, from Rob Newell:

Aloha Rob! Keep up the good work and thank you.


We built a website for the film: to compliment the film and provide us a mechanism to provide additional rigging and discussions, as well as provide anglers a complete list of the products (detailed down to the terminal tackle) that we used in the film.   

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southern trout eaters DVD

The back cover of the DVD, giving the the bullet points on what we cover in the film


Fish from the Film:

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