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Bigbaits are our passion

southernswimbait.com was originally founded 2006 solely on bigbait fishing in the South.  Today southernswimbait.com is about catching more and bigger fish.   Meaning, today we are focused on broadening the fishing topics we discuss and share to more than just bigbait fishing.    We fish for a living, which means we fish professionally, we fish full time and we fish both big and small because it’s about catching more and bigger fish.

Who is southernswimbait.com?   southernswimbait.com is for the most part, the life, blog, fishing, bigbait journey, and travels of me, Matt Peters.     But understand southernswimbait.com is whoever and whatever contributes meaningful discussions to catching more and bigger fish.   We are a team, we are individuals, we are the baits and styles we fish, we are the competitions we enter, and we are the places and people we travel and meet, we are our fans and fellow anglers.    Bigbait fishing is our love, tournament fishing is our addiction.  We are bigbait fishermen with a tournament problem.  We want to marry the two, but it requires, simplification, innovation, exploration and the right tools—–and then you have to find the fish!   Finding the fish is usually challenge #1, find the fish, and quickly you can assess what they will bite or not.

Brad Rutherford Lake Eufaula

Brad Rutherford encompasses what we do, bigbaits and small baits. Lake Eufaula, wacky rigging. Brad is always contributing to the big and small bait fishing conversation, and has photos and video and his own thoughts to back it all up.

We have a commitment to bringing fishing to a higher level, a higher place that involves film, photos, interviews, articles, and discussions that are distinctly different from sponsor and major tournament news centric information and discussions, only. Don’t get us wrong, that stuff if great, but not the only thing to talk about in fishing.   It’s about catching more and bigger fish, and sometimes that means on tournament day, but its also about culture, lifestyle, travel, exploration, and the search.   Its also our business, and how we make our living so understand there are things we don’t just ‘give away’ and topics we won’t be politically correct speaking to always, but I promise you’ll get straight talk and learn how to catch more and bigger fish.


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  1. John DeBarros says:

    Hey Matt,Merry X-Mass+Happy New Years ,I bought your DVD from tackle warehouse when it 1st came out,awsome DVD can’t wait for your next one,I just watched your video clip on the big O,you recomend the BBR 965 for the 6inch hudds (I bought the 966- calcutta 401-P line 30ld for the 8inch hudds) what’s the difference between the 964 and 965,i plan on buying a new set up for mainly 2oz to 3oz baits like the 6inch hudds-Mattlures Hardgills-Mattlure tourneyment baits-and ospheys they all fall in that weight zone but also both rods can handle these baits,i dont have access to hold either or and i took your opion on the 966 combo and love it,im out here near Cape Cod Mass,trout stocked deep ponds,state record is 15lbs and change,my biggest is 9lbs8oz with eggs the hogs are here but cant afford all 3 bbr’s just yet your opion would be greatly appreciated thank’s John DeBarros

    • southernswimbait says:

      John, forgive my delayed response. There is very little difference between the ‘current’ models of the 965 and the 964. G-Loomis used to have a much stiffer 965 model that fell in between the 966 and 964. Now, to me, the current version of the 965 is too soft and more closely the 964 than the 966. Find another ‘medium’ action rod, like a Dobyns or Okuma….Medium rods are hard for me to recommend because Gloomis and Shimano are so dysfunctional on me. Whatever I recommend, they end of life (966 and 400 TE!!) or change blanks or actions. I have two very different 965s, I’ll put it to you that way. And I’ve seen other 965s that are like my #2 version that are the same, so the ‘new’ 965 is just more gutless than it used to be.

  2. Vartan says:

    I ordered your movie because I wanted to win a bitchin triple trout, thought it couldn’t hurt to watch it, opened my eyes a little more on the philosophy off swimbait fishing , I live 10’min from castaic lake , but drive to diamond valley to fish, I started fishing saltwater way before freshwAter,and swimbaits only a year ago so I fished mainly for stripers big fights and huge fish jus like the ocean, long story short I’m a hunter as well , your hunting big bass theory , motivated me to hunt , next day After work went up to the lagoon at castaic , super windy and cold nobody there ,15 casts later I hooked a fat pig my first Largie over 10 I think, no scale on jus one Bait and a rod, maybe u can tell me from pic? Where can I send it?

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